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How Can My Child’s College Expenses Be Handled in Illinois Divorce?

 Posted on January 19, 2024 in Child Support

Wheaton Divorce LawyerWhen most people think about the children involved in a divorce, custody battles and issues surrounding child support often come to mind. Familiar scenes from movies and TV tend to focus on parents fighting over where their children will spend the holidays and who will have them on their birthdays. The truth is, there is no one period of time when divorces happen. Some couples decide to get divorced not long after their wedding while others do so after spending years together. Some couples split up before they have kids, and others start the process when they are already grandparents. You might find yourself considering divorce when nursery school is a thing of your past and your children are applying for college. If you are worried about how your impending divorce might impact your ability to cover your child’s college expenses, an experienced Wheaton, IL, divorce attorney can help you understand your options and figure out a plan forward.

Are College Expenses Included in Child Support Arrangements?

In the past, parents ending a marriage took into account how child support arrangements would impact them until their kids’ 18th birthday when they would no longer be considered minors. With college education being a more significant expense than it used to be, judges in the State of Illinois have increasingly been including college financing plans in divorce settlements when relevant.

Several factors are used to determine who a divorced couple will cover their child’s college expenses, including:

  • Each parent’s finances and ability to cover the costs, determined by any wealth and assets they own and their income

  • The child’s financial resources, including whether they have a trust fund or some other means for covering the costs

  • The expenses themselves: application fees, room and board, tuition, textbook costs, etc.

  • The child’s academic record (in general, parents who are required by the court to cover their child’s college expenses will not need to do so if the child cannot maintain a C average)

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